Rockstar Connect is taking the COVID-19 situation seriously, and proactively working to protect your network and business. All live events are temporarily suspended until April 1st, when we will reevaluate. In order to keep your networks strong, the Rockstar Connect Team has rolled out our digital networking platform, which is integrated with your CRM, three months before our planned launch. Rockstar Connect will continue to market and post your event on all social media platforms.

We will continue with your regularly scheduled event- virtually. All current live events will be updated this Wednesday, March 18th to reflect the appropriate verbiage and graphics that encourage attendees to join you networking remotely in our new app, hosted by our partner Hio Social. All events through April 1 will be published as virtual events.

Our goal is to present you as a responsible community leader that not only cares about the physical health of your sphere of influence, but also someone that cares about the business health of your network. In this economy no one can afford to stop networking.

As a Rockstar Connect host, you will receive a paid 2 year premium membership to Hio where we will help you create your professional profile. You will record your elevator pitch for people to hear before they connect with you. You will also record a short video intro for people to see when they enter your event room.

Utilizing this platform, it is easy to connect with people during the event, introduce your connections to each other, and even share pre-uploaded documents. You can integrate your CRM so you can quickly add your attendees with reminders to follow up as you need them.

The event will still be free for your attendees. Each user keeps and controls their data and decides who sees what. This new virtual networking experience will mirror our current events where you will be able to casually interact with other networkers in a networking lounge and span the entire relationship journey: from discovery, to swapping information & socials. This is an incredible alternative for a physical event at a time like this.

We are communicating with and keeping all current bookings with your venue. We will revert the event posting to live events as soon as it is safe. We are closely watching the CDC’s declarations and recommendations by the Department of Health and Human Services.

When we are back to face-to-face events, Hio Social will continue to be a powerful tool to enhance your event experience and networking for your attendees.

We will be reaching out to you individually to discuss the virtual platform and provide coaching. You can schedule your call at this link:

Schedule call here

  • Virtual Networking events will begin Wednesday, March 18th and will follow your regular schedule
  • We will be reaching out to you all individually to discuss the virtual platform, provide coaching, and to bring you and your teams up to speed
  • Rockstar Connect will be attending to all event-related tasks, including alerting your network to the change
  • As a host, you automatically have a two-year premium membership to Hio, free of charge
  • We are here to help every step of the way, and we hope to make this a positive and smooth transition
  • Turn on notifications for the Facebook Mastery page so you don’t miss any important updates

  • With our respect and thanks,

    Your Rockstar Connect Team