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Thursday, April 30th,
4:30 pm

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All live events are temporarily suspended but we can still network.

We know you will be home for a while, but you still need to network to keep your business healthy and strong. We at Rockstar Connect have launched free virtual networking to help you grow your business.

Rockstar Connect is pleased to announce our partnership with Hio Social, a platform through which we can network digitally.

Join us for free on this dynamic platform, where we will have virtual networking events and where you can share what you want with whoever you meet. It's free to join, and you own your data. Yes, you keep and control your data and you decide who sees what about you.

This new virtual networking experience will mirror our current events where you will be able to casually interact with other networkers free of charge in a networking lounge and span the entire relationship journey: from discovery, to swapping information & socials, and keeping in touch with the people you meet.

We are pleased to bring this opportunity to our community and we look forward to seeing everyone on Hio.


Melissa Keyser

Melissa Keyser has been in the banking and financial industry since 2007 and has specialized in mortgages since 2013. Melissa is straightforward with her clients and her referral partners. She prides herself on delivering a high level of professionalism, and attention to detail while working with all of her clients on a personal level.

Melissa is licensed in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas. She is focused on working with first-time homebuyers so that they feel prepared and educated throughout the home buying process. Melissa is excited to be a part of the Guild Mortgage Company origination team. Melissa has an unwavering commitment to customer service. It is her goal to build productive relationships and gain customer loyalty. She has the experience, knowledge and proficiency to exceed every client’s expectations.

9717 Landmark Pkwy Drive, Suite 101, St. Louis, MO 63127

Phone: (314) 346-6264

Mobile: (314) 346-6264

Fax: (314) 842-9897

Branch: (314) 842-9919

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