This page is for Rockstar Connect internal use.

Welcome to Success is Contagious by Rockstar Connect. This is a new kind of event which are workshops held in the morning or at lunch time, with first preference given to current Rockstar Connect hosts.

To add a new host and start the onboarding process, please fill out the form below. Make sure to fill in every field on the form so you are sure to be credited for the sale. Fill in the prices agreed upon with the customer, using the pricing guide in the form.

Once the form is submitted, an appointment should be made to have the first onboarding call. That appointment can be made using this link:

This link is also sent automatically in the welcome email. In the welcome email, there is also a link to fill out the payment form. Scroll past the form to see the email that will be sent.

The only part of this page that can be shared is the appointment link.


Hello Sarah Elliot,

Welcome to Success is Contagious powered by Rockstar Connect!

To start the process, please fill out this form:
This allows us to set up billing.  A setup fee of $500 is due now and the monthly fee of $250 will be drafted on the first of each month. If you need to update your card later, you can use the same link.

Expect to have a period of onboarding and training in the month before your first event to be sure you are prepared to host your first Success is Contagious event. Plan on one 30 minute call each week.
Make the appointment for your first call here within seven days of 1/7/2020:

We look forward to talking to you soon.
Warm Regards,
Sarah Elliot
The Success is Contagious powered by Rockstar Connect Team