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Wednesday, March 18th, 5 PM to 7 PM

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All live events are temporarily suspended but we can still network.

We know you will be home for a while, but you still need to network to keep your business healthy and strong. We at Rockstar Connect have launched free virtual networking to help you grow your business.

Rockstar Connect is pleased to announce our partnership with Hio Social, a platform through which we can network digitally.

Join us for free on this dynamic platform, where we will have virtual networking events and where you can share what you want with whoever you meet. It's free to join, and you own your data. Yes, you keep and control your data and you decide who sees what about you.

This new virtual networking experience will mirror our current events where you will be able to casually interact with other networkers free of charge in a networking lounge and span the entire relationship journey: from discovery, to swapping information & socials, and keeping in touch with the people you meet.

We are pleased to bring this opportunity to our community and we look forward to seeing everyone on Hio.

Hio Social

Download Hio
& hit it off!

Phone number

Virtual Networking Guidelines >

1. Tap on members of the Virtual Lounge to view bio information

2. Tap "Connect" to share contact information with another attendee

3. Tap "Direct Message" to begin chatting with another attendee 1:1 via in-app text

4. Tap "Video Call" to begin chatting with another attendee 1:1 via in-app video call

5. Find the "Chat" tab at the top of the screen to join in on a lively group chat

6. Remember to set followup reminders and/or send a pre-populated followup email by tapping on a connection after you have exchanged information with each other!


Jimmy Davis

As important your past is... it's not as important as how you see your yourself in the future

Manages Jimmy Davis Realtor - Keller Williams Signature Partners LLC

Improving Wichita Real Estate Owner · 2011 to present · Wichita, Kansas Real Estate Investments

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