How to access and use the Rockstar Connect Virtual Lounge on Hio

  1. Get the Hio mobile app (scroll down for an easy way to get the app sent to your phone)
  2. Open Hio and create your profile
  3. Click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. Find the event Three Martini Lunch
  5. Make sure you are attending
  6. Click on the Lounge section
  7. Toggle your button to available for video chat
  8. Click on a name to see more about them
  9. Request a video chat
  10. Spend the next seven minutes hitting it off with the attendee of your choice
  11. After seven minutes, you'll be returned to the lounge where you can select another attendee to chat with
  12. You can also text chat with everyone in the section named chat

Hio Social has a YouTube channel with more instructional videos.

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