Who: A panel of great conversationalists who are influential in their industries

What: A chat about all things networking, how to network while in shutdown, and how to prepare your business to succeed during the recovery.

When: Recorded weekly during the run of the program

Where: Tickets to the webinar where you can ask questions of the panelists are here. The event will also be broadcast live to the Rockstar Connect page on Facebook.

You can meet people across the country in the accompanying virtual lounge on our Virtual Platform, Hio.

Three-martini lunch

The three-martini lunch or noontime three-martini is a term used in the United States to describe a leisurely, indulgent lunch enjoyed by business people (...). It refers to a common belief that many people in the above-mentioned professions have enough leisure time and wherewithal to consume more than one martini during the work day. The 3-martini lunch became particularly identified in popular culture with Madison Avenue advertising executives in the 1960s and 1970s, who supposedly became more creative after such lunchtime libations.

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