Evolutionary Business Council Members,
Are You Ready to Rockstar Connect?


Rockstar Connect helps you create local celebrity status and grow your sphere of influence through Live Monthly Meetup Networking Events buffeted by robust 24/7 social media assistance/management, and the latest in referral networking tips and education.

You are the Rockstar, your audience at live events and in social media are your raving fans, and Rockstar Connect are your roadies doing the heavy lifting required for successful consistent events.

14 Events for the price 12; 15% off the monthly rate of $350, $500 On-boarding fee waived


Live One-On-One On-Boarding Interview with a Rockstar Connect Success Coach  

Full Size Rockstar Connect Banner for your event ($250 value) 

Rockstar Connect Day of Event Package with all the necessary supplies to make your event a success ($550 value) 

Our team creates your initial customized social media presence on Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup and LinkedInVIP Access to the Rockstar Connect Academy with exclusive content including video, training, webinars, guest features, and marketing materials 

Invitation to the closed private Rockstar Connect Mastery Facebook Page where our Rockstar Connect Management Team and Rockstar Connect Hosts share effective practices to maximize your networking program's success 

Intensive interview to determine your geographic farm, develop your initial branding, and select your first Rockstar Connect event venue  

We create and purchase custom targeted Facebook Ads to increase attendance to your event 

Customized Day of Event Supplies replenished throughout your Rockstar Connect program 

4 Live one-on-one touchpoint conference calls per month to improve and optimize your Rockstar Connect program 

Live one-on-one quarterly Rockstar Connect coaching intensives VIP access to our education portals: Rockstar Connect Academy and Rockstar Connect Mastery Facebook 

Manage your presence across Facebook, Meetup, and Eventbrite with our proprietary strategies 

Post regular original content to your Rockstar Connect Facebook group page designed to foster referral relationships 

Book your monthly event venue and handle all the planning and logistics with the event venue including five done for you monthly touchpoints with the venue 

Data management: we scan your cards every month, send you back data for your CRM, and maintain an invitation database to grow attendance for your event

Please tell us how to reach you, let's get this started!

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