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Marketing potential through experiential events


Rockstar Connect Networking Events

What: A networking mix and mingle to connect local business owners in a casual welcoming             environment free to all attendees


The ROCKSTAR CONNECT marketing and advertising outreach creates branding, instills personal product identification, and builds connections for local businesses in your area and throughout the entire country. 

Personal branding that is mixed with digital promotions provide key marketing components that are not offered in with any other marketing option.  The key components of Value, Affordability, Branding, Product Demonstrations, to Team exposure is appealing to a vast number of companies nationwide.  ROCKSTAR CONNECT would like to help expose and market your company’s products or services. 

Quite simply “Experiential Marketing” at it’s best! This presentation is composed with the knowledge that experiential marketing actually works with a very solid ROI! 

Marketing Your Company

Marketing campaigns to Appeal to and Interact with a targeted audience to Enhance the Brand.” 

This will be actualized via a marketing mix via digital, print, and social media. 

These targeted social media directives will help to interact with current and future clients to broaden the company’s market share.

Millions  of digital impressions with thousands of actual personal marketing contingencies, make ROCKSTAR CONNECT an imperative element to your future market approach. 

This is also integrated with Social Media expansion of marketing on LinkedIn.


Turn-Key Live Networking Events
24/7 Robust Social Media

Marketing Strategy

  • This will be a fun event mixed with business to create the perfect networking experience. It is a mix-and-mingle, after-hours business networking event and all may attend for free. Unlike other evening networking events, admission is free of charge, there are no boring speakers and no one is trying to sell you anything. Bring your old friends, make new friends and create your next meaningful business connection.
  • Digital and Email and postcard campaigns that generate a substantial interest in each and every ROCKSTAR CONNECT event.
  • Venues receive essential marketing and exposure for hosting the events.
  • The well attended networking events have been held from Manhattan to Oahu in hundreds of cities with thousands of attendees and marketing campaigns with millions of digital impressions to promote national brands and services!

About Rockstar Connect

  • Rockstar Connect currently hosts over 30 live business networking events in cities throughout the United and Canada every month and has the capacity to hold thousands of events per month
  • These events are designed to attract attendees that are small business owners, entrepreneurs and people with a success mindset
  • The hosts of the events are highly engaged influencers in their communities
  • The reach of these events are expanded through multiple digital efforts and platforms
  • Rockstar Connect does all the marketing, booking, logistics and follow-up for these events

Host a Rockstar Connect Event

We brand you as a Rockstar in your industry and help you create local celebrity status in your sphere through Live Monthly Meetup Networking Events buffeted by robust 24/7 social media assistance/management, and the latest in networking tips and education.

Host your own event and receive Rockstar Connect Event Planning, Marketing, Training & Support for only $400 per month with a $500 one-time onboarding & materials fee.

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Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for a Rockstar Connect Networking Event near you?

The Benefits are:

Sponsorship Benefits



Sponsorship Benefits







Company name on Digital Banner displayed on FB page, Eventbrite Page and Linked-in with social media and website links


Company name included on all invitations distributed through email and social media with social media and website links

Company materials including swag, business cards, brochures and other printed materials to be distributed at the registration table

A minimum of 16 mentions of your company through FB, Linked-In, Eventbrite, Meetup and email campaigns prior too and after the event with shares


Host status on FB page 


1 All Access VIP Lanyard (2 free drink tickets per lanyard)

Custom video created of your company representative at the event which will be shared on social media after the event

Custom video created for your company with 60 sec. elevator pitch to be delivered through all social media platforms  


Custom video created for your company of a one-on-one interview to be delivered to all social media platforms and email list


Custom Pop-up Banner to be displayed at the event


1 Custom additional All Access VIP lanyards for the event 

(for a total of 2 lanyards, 2 free drinks tickets per lanyard)


3 Custom additional All Access Vip Lanyards (for a total of 5 lanyards, 2 free drink tickets per lanyard)



A la carte Sponsorship Benefits

All Access VIP Lanyard with 2 drink tickets

Company swag promotions added to check-in table

Custom video created of your company representative at the event which will be shared on social media after the event

Logo on cover photo on Eventbrite, LinkedIn, Facebook

Your own table at the event with Platinum Benefits and your own banner created for you


Branding Opportunities

Signs (banners), invitations, email marketing, on the table, cover photos, posts in FB, physical invitations, flyers, messenger bags, sign in sheets, fishbowl, swag at events (branded materials)





Photos from our events








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