Rockstar Connect Leadership

Steven David Elliot
Steven David Elliot created the Rockstar Connect program through years of experimentation and implementation. His networking events are legendary and he is nationally known for his innovation in the field of Business Networking. His Meetup North Hills Networking has been recognized as one of the “most successful and active in the world”, boasting 20,000 members. Rockstar Connect is based on his philosophy of you have to “give-in-order-to-get”. He teaches that, through altruistic acts, you will be rewarded with material and spiritual abundance. As a REALTOR®, sales person, connector, coach, and marketing guru he has harnessed his ability to find options and solutions, limit them to the best, and help his clients select the outcomes to achieve their goals. His legacy to the business world is Rockstar Connect.

Sarah Clark Elliot
Sarah Clark Elliot is Rockstar Connect’s VP of Operations. Her role in the company is to ensure through integral process revision that we adhere to our stated code of conduct for all of our Rockstars and attendees/members. She is an expert in event protocol as the hostess of Rockstar Connect’s flagship event North Hills Networking.

J. Scott Rutter 

J. Scott Rutter; Father, Husband, Insurance Advisor, and Master Networker. I teach people throughout the US how to leverage their connections and deliver with purpose. I found Rockstar Connect two years ago where at the time I was a lending solution specialist in the Financial Services Industry. Thanks to Rockstar Connect, I fired myself from my job and I now own my own Insurance Agency and get to do what I love.  My Insurance Agency specializes in Home, Auto, and Life Insurance. Goosehead Insurance is the largest independent insurance agency in the United States. What makes Goosehead unique is that we provide our client’s options and world-class service no ordinary agency can match.

    Rockstar Connect Team

    Kimberly Patchen
    Kimberly Patchen is our ‘voice’ in that she is the first point of contact between our clients and our team. She makes day-after event calls to ensure our customers are happy, directs event postings and tends to special requests such as special events, sponsorship, marketing changes. She also handles our onboarding to help make sure our hosts are setup for a successful event.

      Shaylee Brady
      Shaylee is our first contact for new hosts and in booking new venues. She is very familiar with all aspects of the event experience and is a key to the success of our clients.

        Allan Mayol
        Allan Mayol is the Rockstar Connect Social Media Manager, and both Graphic and Video Designer. He handles the operations and management of our social media marketing efforts across Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup, LinkedIn, Evvnt, and all local calendars. He also designs the visual materials for all the company’s marketing fronts.

          Adeline Mayol
          Adeline Mayol is the Rockstar Connect Email Campaign Manager. She oversees planning, designing, scheduling, email database management, and implementation of all email efforts for the company.

            Jacky Habelito
            Jacky is responsible for host touchpoints and any venue related tasks such as venue rebooking, venue touchpoints, and sometimes, new venue bookings and rescheduling of event bookings. She works as Steven’s assistant and is also responsible for relaying the tasks/messages which are coming from texts and emails to the team.

              Chuck Sierk
              SUCCESS COACH
              Chuck Sierk is a Rockstar Connect Success Coach. He and his wife Janet host Central Lancaster Networking and Lititz Networking.

                Robert Del Rosario
                SOCIAL MEDIA
                Robert del Rosario is on the Rockstar Connect Social Media team. He works on the daily operations of our social media marketing efforts across Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup, LinkedIn, Evvnt, and all local calendars.